The state has a legal monopoly on violence. We as citizens give them that monopoly. The police are entrusted with incredible power. In return they are supposed to protect, guide, and serve. Not abuse, rape, and murder. That criminals abuse rape and murder is indeed less outrageous and horrific than the fact that the… » 12/14/14 5:59pm 12/14/14 5:59pm

I am a big advocate for using the terms "victim" and "alleged assailant". Because if you are going around making these claims, something is clearly hurting you. Like when Tawana Brawley rape claims were a hoax, there was still something very wrong with her life that she ended up in a trash bag covered with actual… » 12/05/14 4:33pm 12/05/14 4:33pm

First, the threats were named, specific, many were detailed, repeatedly issued to the same set of named people yet varied in mechanics, consistent over a long period, and he has already committed acts of violence against that named person. So other than that six things maybe there is some tiny legally insignificant… » 12/01/14 9:45pm 12/01/14 9:45pm

Because"a spot at the bar" draws on the imagery of black women as being hyper-sexual and deviant. So a cardigan and black dress or black pants and a sweater are sexualized and made degenerate by the race of person wearing them. Realistically, without a racial filter, those are some boring-ass J Crew-esque clothes.… » 12/01/14 9:17pm 12/01/14 9:17pm

The wildly disproportionate killing of black men, the killing of black teens, the killing of black *children*, the killing of the mentally ill of all races, the killing of any person who disrespect them, and the complete impunity with which they kill. » 11/30/14 11:06pm 11/30/14 11:06pm

Sadness. Just sadness. What is also sad is that if a woman did this I would expect a whole series of assaults. So was the the point of the performance, that no woman of any race or black dude could do that without expecting violence? That trust yields betrayal? This is just so very sad. » 11/30/14 2:08am 11/30/14 2:08am